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AI generated image upscaling services

Upscaling AI-generated images

Get your images upscaled for use in print projects and larger format outputs.

AI can do more than just generate images; it can also be used to upscale images to much larger dimensions with minimal quality loss.

If you need to get your images upscaled, we can help, wherever the image was produced.

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making AI images larger

What is image upscaling, and how does it work?

AI image upscaling is a process that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to enhance the resolution and quality of an image.

This technique involves increasing the number of pixels in an image while maintaining or improving its visual quality, making it appear sharper and more detailed.

In AI upscaling, machine learning models, such as deep neural networks, are trained on a large dataset of high-quality images. These models learn to identify patterns and features in the images and then apply this knowledge to lower-resolution images. The AI algorithms can effectively fill in missing information and correct artefacts, such as noise or compression artefacts, while upscaling the image.

This advanced image processing technique has various applications, including improving the quality of old or low-resolution photos, enhancing the visuals in video games, optimizing images for high-resolution displays, and restoring historical images or films.

AI image upscaling has significantly surpassed traditional upscaling methods, such as bicubic interpolation or nearest-neighbour algorithms, by producing more accurate and visually pleasing results.

enlarging ai images

How to get your images upscaled.

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There are various online tools for upscaling images, but if you are looking for a professional touch or have a larger number of images to upscale, we can help.

We’ll fine-tune the upscale algorithms to suit best the type of image you need to have upscaled.

You simply supply us with the original files and the dimensions you need them to be, and we’ll run them through our AI tools to get them all sorted.

There may be a requirement for some post-upscale retouching in Photoshop, but we can discuss this if required.

Once done, we’ll return the files as JPGs, and you can start using them in your projects.


Whether you have a batch of images or just need a one-off upscale, our team can help.

Get in touch to get started on your first image upscale, and we’ll get the job turned around the same day (UK office hours).

If you have images that also need some pre-upscale retouching, we’ve got that covered too.

We can even suggest ALT tag text for your image if you need assistance with that and optimise the image for use wherever you are using it.

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making AI-generated image larger

Need help to upscale AI-generated images?

To discuss how we can best help you, call us on 01295 983163 or complete the form, and we’ll get in touch to arrange an initial online meeting or call.