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Absolute Reality v1.6 Model
Absolute Reality v1.6

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Leonardo Diffusions Model

Leonardo Diffusion

A model with incredible shading and contrast, great at both photos and artistic styles.
Leonardo Select Model

Leonardo Select

A powerful finetune of sd2.1 that can achieve a high level of realism.
Deliberate 1.1 Model

Deliberate 1.1

A powerful model created by XpucT that is great for both photorealism and artistic creations.
Dreamshaper V5 Model

DreamShaper v5

A versatile model great at both photorealism and anime, includes noise offset training.
Vintage Model

Vintage Style

This model can generate a broad range of imagery with a vintage style as if it was taken from a film camera.
Luna Model


A bright colouring model with great results.
RPG 4.0 Model

RPG 4.0

This model is best at creating RPG character portraits with the ability for great photorealism.
Illustration V2 Model

Illustration V2

It is another model of artistic and illustrative images with different styles
Leonardo Creative Model

Leonardo Creative

An alternative finetune of SD 2.1 that brings a little more creative interpretation to the mix.
Spirit Creatures Model

Spirit Creatures

From whimsical fairy-like beings to mythical creatures, create unique cute spirit characters.
Pixel Art Model

Pixel Art

A pixel art model that's trained on headshots, but is surprisingly flexible with all sorts of subjects.
Isometric Model

Isometric Fantasy

Create all sorts of isometric fantasy environments. try appending "3d vray render, isometric" and using a guidance scale of 6. for the negative prompt, try "unclear, harsh, oversaturated, soft, blurry".
Cute Animal Model

Cute Animal Characters

Perfect for creating adorable and cute animal characters - loveable and playful designs.

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