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Photoshop retouching for AI-Generated images

AI generates some fantastic images, but occasionally they can have slight imperfections.

Whilst this isn’t often a problem for social media graphics, if you plan to craft a series of images to use as part of your brand’s visual identity, they will need to be perfect.

We can help you perfect your AI images using Photoshop retouching and editing.

If you need to add your logo, remove elements or correct AI images, we’re here to help.

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Photoshop retouching for AI-Generated images
Photoshop retouching

Retouching images.

If your AI-gen image is nearly there, we can help you take it to the next level.

We help you with advanced Photoshop retouching of AI images to bring them into line with what you need for your brand.

  • Removing unwanted elements
  • Retouching areas of the image
  • Post-upscale retouching
  • Adding logos and other brand elements
  • Image fine-tuning

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retouching photos

Re-rolls and retouching.

Sometimes it’s better to start fresh and re-roll AI-generated images to take into Photoshop.

If you have created your own images in AI, we can use them to re-roll or recreate new versions to perfect them for Photoshop’s final touches.

  • Re-roll your original images from the original Seed to create similar options with the same look and feel
  • Post-roll work in Photoshop to then add/edit and retouch the images to get them spot-on for your brand
  • Upscales of retouched images to create high-resolution files for final production

Press-press work on AI-generated images.

Ai-generated images typically have a lower resolution than may be required for print work.

We can upscale your images to print-ready resolution so you can use them in brochures, exhibition materials and larger format projects.

Once an image is upscaled, there may be a requirement to do some additional Photoshop work to retouch the image, but we’ve got that covered!



How far can image retouching go?

Well it’s not magic, so we can only work with what we have, but bear in mind that you can also combine images with retouching to get what you need.


What does image upscaling mean?

Upscaling uses AI to make your image larger without reducing the quality of the image.

What is a re-roll?

Rerolling an image is where the original prompt is used as-is or slightly modified to get a better result.

What is an image Seed?

An image seed is used in Midjourney as a ‘fingerprint’ for how the image was created. You can create different images with the same seed to get similar styling.

What files will I get back?

We’ll send you the files in whatever formats you need, but the most common are JPG or PNG files. We’ll also optimise them too if you need them to use on a website.

How long does AI image retouching take?

This very much depends on what needs to be done. Simply adding a logo onto part of an image might not take very long, but composing two separate images together can take longer.


Taking an AI-generated image into Photoshop and changing it significantly means that the image can be protected by copyright. Adding your logos or other brand elements to AI-generated images makes them even more unique to you and your brand.

Our team has years of experience working in Photoshop to create amazing images for products and brands.

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Image retouching

Need help retouching AI-generated images?

To discuss how we can best help you, call us on 01295 983163 or complete the form, and we’ll get in touch to arrange an initial online meeting or call.